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A beautiful memory.

When a clients session gets chaotic and goes sideways, I love to tell them all about the behind the scenes of our session day.

Session day. A Wednesday in AUGUST.

It was FREEZING, and raining upside down and inside out. It was miserable. So windy.

I was impressed with myself, because I made my girls their appointment for their “back to school hair cut” on session day. (another thing off my VERY long too do list. How I coordinated that (#hotmessmama), I’m not really sure, but it was booked months in advance when I booked my photo session.)

We had a lovely time with Tina Ou getting our hair done, god bless her, always looking out for me. I forgot my coat in the car, so she gave me a bag to hide my fresh wavy hair do. Upon leaving, the weather was getting worse. So, I told the kids to stay in the porch and I would grab the car, it was just across the lot.

I ran out the door, holding a bag on my head. It was POURING. and COLD. So cold! The rain felt like ice cubes.

THEN. I tripped up in my feet! Flew across the parking lot. People ran out of a nearby store to see if I was ok. My phone went flying. My romper was SOAKING. I was freezing. There was blood running down my elbow. IT HURT. I felt every single moment when I slid across the asphalt.

The girls laughed, as they thought I was joking. I went along with them, until they seen the blood running down my arm as I was trying to cover it with a blanket I found in my car.

I was fine. Everything was fine.

Off I go to see  Allison Best – I am sure she was floored when she seen me soaking wet, with a beat up arm. Or perhaps it was because I was so calm, and laughing, just going with the flow. Did you know she’s also a nurse? She cleaned up my arm, bandaged me all up, and gave me a towel to try off. Then she worked her makeup magic!

We get home. Get dressed. (Well the kids were dressed when Norma Jeane Layden showed up, but not this mama) I tried to get dressed, however, my cloths steamer decided to flood my bedroom floor. Sienna thought it would be a great idea to just walk through the water, looking up at me in awe as to why her pants were wet 5 inches up her pant leg.

BREAK OUT THE HAIR DRYER! (Of course, Norma Jeane Layden captured every moment. The three of us, just hanging out in my bedroom with a hair dryer! Who would of known what amazing images would be taken with a hair dryer.


This is our life. Daily. It is chaotic. It is messy. It’s stressful at times. It is a hot mess. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Every SINGLE image that was taken captured exactly how our day went. Right down to the bloody bandage that I begged Norma Jeane Layden not to photoshop.

So, what I am trying to say is to enjoy all the moments. Take them with stride, don’t sweat the small stuff. Be happy, and embrace this crazy ride. No one is perfect. Don’t be fooled by social media. You are not always going to get the “Pinterest” images. Let the kids be little. Capture these moments, those are the moments we want to remember. The smiles, the cries, the dance parties, the child picking their nose, rolling in the dirt, or splashing in a puddle. Live in the moment.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, we are blessed for this thing we call life.

Embrace YOUR beautiful chaos, however that looks for YOU!



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